Tips on maintenance of wooden houses

whether the wooden house will not last long?  Has a cozy and charming wooden house, who would not? a more artistic appearance are some of the advantages of wooden houses compared to other house.

But the problem comes when the rainy season arrives.
The temperature was humid and wet conditions are ideal for termites to breed, and ate our favorite wooden house.
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what is steel building construction

Properties of Steel as Building Structure Material

the use of steel as a major structural material began in the late nineteenth century when the cheap method of steel processing was developed on a large scale. Steel is a material that has good structural properties.

Steel has a high strength and is equally strong in both tensile and tensile strength and therefore steel is a structural element having perfect limits that will withstand axial, axial, and flexural axial tensile loads with similar facilities.


The material of the former can be used as a material for renovating the building with beautiful and functional outcomes
used materials such as fences, doors to glass material can be trimmed and given a little new touch to re-look beautiful and give a unique impression of the building and also do not spend an expensive cost.

Environmentally friendly materials have the following criteria:

1.non-toxic, before and after use the manufacturing process does not produce substances harmful to the environment

3.can be obtained easily and closely (does not require a large cost or move process, as it saves the fuel energy to move the material to the construction site)

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4.Environmentally friendly materials according to the above criteria eg; bricks, cement, natural stone, local ceramics, wood, and so on.

Maintenance of the wall and concrete surfaces

The wall is part of a vertically mounted building with a function as a separator between spaces, both between the inner space and the inner and outer space. There are 3 main types of walls, namely the structural wall is the wall of the building, dividing walls  (boundary) and retaining walls.

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The country that most of its territory is the ocean, has an awful lot of construction structure of metallic materials, primarily from carbon steel. And the possibility of the occurrence of corrosion to the structure of the construction is quite large. As a consequence will result in losses in terms of technical or economical. Corrosion is the chemical phenomena of the metal ingredients. Corrosion can occur due to water/oxygen on metal/iron directly.


Duration of Maintenance of Construction Works

Many have asked about how long actually for the maintenance of the construction work was carried out. OK, before entering the article about Long Time Maintenance jobs, we must understand the intent of the stages of time (period) in the execution of the contract. As we know in the contract there are some terms of the Contract, namely the Implementation and maintenance of all of which are laid or the responsibility of providers of construction services.

The maintenance period is the period of the contract as specified in the special conditions of the contract, calculated from the date of the first delivery of the work up to the date of the final delivery of the work. Period of the Maintenance in the 54 years 2010 Prepares with the changes only apply to the construction work and other services. For the procurement of goods, the period of maintenance in the form of Warranties Warranty Items.

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Building maintenance jobs for quality control

maintenance at the Building is intended as a combination of technical and administrative measures, intended to maintain, and maintain the function of the building as previously planned. The success of a building is judged by the ability of the building to exist in the expected condition, which is affected by some requirements, among others

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1., Functional requirements

The intended functional requirements are requirements related to building function. Each building has a common and special functionality that needs to be met. General requirements, for example, are buildings capable of protecting the wearer from the outside environment. Specific requirements depend on the type and function of the building.

2.Performance Requirements

Each building has very specific building performance requirements. Performance building covers many aspects, ranging from physical performance outside the building to the elements Mechanical and electrical (ME). The act of building maintenance is determined by the performance demands associated with building functions. However, there is often a difference in performance standards according to USER and according to OWNER, especially in buildings lease

3. Requirements Under the Ordinance

Requirements according to the law is a requirement that cannot be ignored, since it concerns the regulation and legality. These requirements such as Requirements towards the management of high rise buildings.

4.Requirements according to User

Requirements according to the user usually has to do with comfort. User convenience is a measure of the success of a building. Usually, the building that has the user requirements is building of leases and buildings public.

Building maintenance activities include various aspects which could be categorized into four activities, namely ·
  • Routine maintenance daily ·
  • Rectification (repairs the recently finished building) ·
  •  Replacement (the replacement parts that are valuable from a building) ·
  • Retrofitting (complete appropriate building technology advances)

5 Ways To Take Care and Maintenance Of The House For Comfort And Durable

“Having a comfortable dwelling is a dream of many people. A clean and tidy place will certainly lead you to a healthy life. Because a dirty house can be the source of many diseases. “

One of the things that need to be done in order to make the House comfortable habitable is to take care of the House. A building needs to be treated for votes expressing a personal owner. Taking care of the House include treatment of the inside and the outside. Well-preserved homes will also give the impression of  "fresh" and new even though it belongs to the old building.

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Building maintenance is very important and necessary after the building is completed and built. This maintenance will make the age of the building becomes longer, in terms of aspects of strength, security, and performance of the building. That the success or failure of a building construction can be seen from the age of the use of the building in accordance with the design of the building and the maintenance procedures of the building itself in the project management.