Building maintenance jobs for quality control

maintenance at the Building is intended as a combination of technical and administrative measures, intended to maintain, and maintain the function of the building as previously planned. The success of a building is judged by the ability of the building to exist in the expected condition, which is affected by some requirements, among others

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1., Functional requirements

The intended functional requirements are requirements related to building function. Each building has a common and special functionality that needs to be met. General requirements, for example, are buildings capable of protecting the wearer from the outside environment. Specific requirements depend on the type and function of the building.

2.Performance Requirements

Each building has very specific building performance requirements. Performance building covers many aspects, ranging from physical performance outside the building to the elements Mechanical and electrical (ME). The act of building maintenance is determined by the performance demands associated with building functions. However, there is often a difference in performance standards according to USER and according to OWNER, especially in buildings lease

3. Requirements Under the Ordinance

Requirements according to the law is a requirement that cannot be ignored, since it concerns the regulation and legality. These requirements such as Requirements towards the management of high rise buildings.

4.Requirements according to User

Requirements according to the user usually has to do with comfort. User convenience is a measure of the success of a building. Usually, the building that has the user requirements is building of leases and buildings public.

Building maintenance activities include various aspects which could be categorized into four activities, namely ·
  • Routine maintenance daily ·
  • Rectification (repairs the recently finished building) ·
  •  Replacement (the replacement parts that are valuable from a building) ·
  • Retrofitting (complete appropriate building technology advances)

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