Building maintenance is very important and necessary after the building is completed and built. This maintenance will make the age of the building becomes longer, in terms of aspects of strength, security, and performance of the building. That the success or failure of a building construction can be seen from the age of the use of the building in accordance with the design of the building and the maintenance procedures of the building itself in the project management.


In General, the age of a building accounted for approximately 20 years. Therefore, it is very important and the maintenance works performed on the stage of pre-construction, construction and posts construction routinely, continuous and periodic basis having regard to the technical specifications of the material. With the routine maintenance than expected in case of damage do not require repair costs\/high maintenance in project management.

 The scope of the care and maintenance of the building included in project management
a. Maintenance building;
b. building Care. Maintenance and care the building include requirements related to a. safety building; b. health building;
c. comfort building; and
d. the ease of building.

 Procedures and methods of maintenance and upkeep building include in project management a.procedures and methods of building maintenance and upkeep;
 b. work programmer of care and maintenance of the building;
 c. equipment and tools for maintenance and upkeep work building; and
 d. the standard and performance of building maintenance and upkeep of the building.

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