Duration of Maintenance of Construction Works

Many have asked about how long actually for the maintenance of the construction work was carried out. OK, before entering the article about Long Time Maintenance jobs, we must understand the intent of the stages of time (period) in the execution of the contract. As we know in the contract there are some terms of the Contract, namely the Implementation and maintenance of all of which are laid or the responsibility of providers of construction services.

The maintenance period is the period of the contract as specified in the special conditions of the contract, calculated from the date of the first delivery of the work up to the date of the final delivery of the work. Period of the Maintenance in the 54 years 2010 Prepares with the changes only apply to the construction work and other services. For the procurement of goods, the period of maintenance in the form of Warranties Warranty Items.

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During maintenance construction services provider is obliged to monitor the results of the work, and to keep damages does not occur.

This is where providers assume the entire cost of repair in case of damage to the building caused by the quality that does not comply with the technical specifications in the contract. Period of the maintenance as listed in the contract is not the time to complete the remaining work remains unresolved, except for maintenance work which is already 100 percent complete and has undertaken the first handover job.

The responsibility of the provider of services does not stop after the maintenance expires, but it remains saddled with the responsibility within a specified time in accordance with clauses of the contract (usually listed in article building failure). 

This responsibility is called construction guarantee.

The responsibility to be performed by the Service Provider during the maintenance period is:

1.The Supplier shall maintain the results of the work during the maintenance period so that conditions remain as at the time of the first assignment of work;

2.The Construction Service Provider may choose to provide a Maintenance Guarantee or provide retention, whilst the work of Other Services shall deliver a Maintenance Guarantee;

3.If a maintenance period in range there is damage then the Provider is obligated to repair, and all expenses required for improvements become the responsibility of the provider;

4.If damages occur caused by the elements of a State that occurs outside the will of the parties and cannot be predicted in advance (State of kahar) then the improvements become the responsibility of the parties;

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