The material of the former can be used as a material for renovating the building with beautiful and functional outcomes
used materials such as fences, doors to glass material can be trimmed and given a little new touch to re-look beautiful and give a unique impression of the building and also do not spend an expensive cost.

Environmentally friendly materials have the following criteria:

1.non-toxic, before and after use

2.in the manufacturing process does not produce substances harmful to the environment

3.can be obtained easily and closely (does not require a large cost or move process, as it saves the fuel energy to move the material to the construction site)

BUILDING MATERIALS, building maintenance, building

4.Environmentally friendly materials according to the above criteria eg; bricks, cement, natural stone, local ceramics, wood, and so on.

Cement, bricks, ceramics, aluminum, glass, and steel as the main raw material in the manufacture of a building played an important role in realizing the concept of green building.

Window sills and doors also have started using aluminum as a generation of building materials.
Aluminium has the advantage of recycling (reuse), non toxic and carcinogenic substances, maintenance free and practical (as modern lifestyles), with special insulation design reduces noise and heat transmission (energy-efficient, cost-effective), more powerful, durable, anti-rust, does not need to be replaced at all just rubber mountings only, is available a wide array of colors, shapes and sizes with the texture variations (classic, wood).

Wall materials are selected that are able to absorb the sun's heat well. Natural bricks or light brick fabrication (mixture of sand, limestone, cement, and other materials) have the characteristics of fire resistance, strong to high pressure, low water absorption, soundproof, and absorb the sun's heat significantly.

Dark colors and rough surfaces will help to absorb sunlight and heat. The porous building material easily launches heat and re-launches when the surrounding air temperature decreases.

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