Maintenance of the wall and concrete surfaces

The wall is part of a vertically mounted building with a function as a separator between spaces, both between the inner space and the inner and outer space. There are 3 main types of walls, namely the structural wall is the wall of the building, dividing walls  (boundary) and retaining walls.

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In addition to the primary function of the above, there are some other functions of the wall that is
The function of the comfort, health, safety, and beauty
• As limiting the space, privacy and have the properties in the scale, colors, textures
• As the silencer against the sound, both from within and from outside
• As a protector against interference from outside (Sun, isolation against temperature, humidity and rain, wind gusts, and interference from other outdoor)
 • As the radiation beams or retaining certain substances such as radiology space, operating room, laboratory, and others
 • As a function of certain artistic
 As a shaper of space, add to the beauty of space and point of interest.

The function of construction

-As a delimiter and anchoring structure (for certain functions such as wall, Elevator, reservoir)
-as bearers. That is why its construction should be strong and sturdy in order to be able to withstand a load of the superstructure, its own as well as his load horizontally.
 -As a delimiter\partition.

Why paint a wall quick dirty and dull?
Over time make the paint used to beautify your office will certainly look dirty and dull. Actually, this is a natural thing considering the wall paint is on the outside of the office.
Because of too often exposed to heat, rain, as well as changes in temperature until climate change, is slowly making the paint changed the more dirty, dull and peeling.

Treating cat wall building company
Actually to do light paint a wall treatment you can trust on the janitor to do some of the things that make the paint company always looks beautiful. Where is the painting technique coupled with proper care was able to become a surefire tricks make paint your company looks beautiful longer.

Here are a number of wall paint cleaning tips that you may be able to try with the help of an office janitor
1.An important first step for you to do, namely choosing colors of paint that can be customized with colors or image of your company. In this case, you can also ask for the help of the services of the architect to make choices while providing paint you need. Including workers who will lease You apply the paint on the walls of the enterprise.

2. Paint with the basic material latex can be the right choice because it is more durable and you can apply also to wood and iron.

3.Before you start painting, it is important to ensure that the walls are already in a clean state of dirt and dust and not in humid conditions.

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