Tips on maintenance of wooden houses

whether the wooden house will not last long?  Has a cozy and charming wooden house, who would not? a more artistic appearance are some of the advantages of wooden houses compared to other house.

But the problem comes when the rainy season arrives.
The temperature was humid and wet conditions are ideal for termites to breed, and ate our favorite wooden house.
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In order not to regret, let's take care of the wooden house carefully to avoid termite attack. Here's how:

1. Protect the building

spray anti termite regularly to all parts of the House. We don't know where the termites will attack, then the whole sills, roof frame, wooden floors, ceilings, walls, etc. must be protected. If less savvy about how to use anti termite, consult with the expert.

2. Clean the drains regularly

Termites love the place containing water and damp. In addition to the gutter, you should also check the drains and clean it from dried leaves or other impurities regularly.
3. Immediately fix a leaky faucet
The leaking faucet makes the house moist. Immediately fix or replace with a new one before the termite arrives.

4. do not pile up wood in the yard

The remaining wooden building materials should be stored in a dry place and covered. Termites will be interested in a pile of wood in the yard and then Your wooden house as the next target.

5. use quality wood

Woods that are more expensive are usually better than cheap timber. Equip yourself with enough knowledge about the wood material before buying. Do not be easily tempted by the wood material offered at very cheap prices.

maintenance of wooden houses

6. Keep the cleanliness of ventilation holes

check if the vents in your House clean of paint or wood flakes? The flakes are not cleaned will invite termites to come.

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