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Properties of Steel as Building Structure Material

the use of steel as a major structural material began in the late nineteenth century when the cheap method of steel processing was developed on a large scale. Steel is a material that has good structural properties.

Steel has a high strength and is equally strong in both tensile and tensile strength and therefore steel is a structural element having perfect limits that will withstand axial, axial, and flexural axial tensile loads with similar facilities.

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The weight of the steel is high, but the ratio of strength to weight is also high so that the steel component is not too heavy when connected to the load loading capacity, as long as the structural forms are used to ensure that the material is used efficiently.

Advantages of Steel as Building Structure Materials

In addition to its great strength to withstand tensile strength and press without requiring much volume, steel also has other favorable properties making it one of the most common building materials in use today. Some advantages of steel as a structural material among others:

Ease of Installation

All parts of the steel construction can be prepared in the workshop so that the only activities conducted in the field of activity is the installation of parts of constructions that have been prepared.


The nature of the steel that can undergo great deformation under the influence of high tensile stress without breaking is called ductility.

the advantage of the steel structure, among others, is:
− the installation process in the field take place quickly
- Can be welded.
- Components that can no longer be used still have value as scrap metal.

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Great post, but could you elaborate on advantages of using steel in construction a bit more? Thank you.

In the meantime, please let me know if you know anything about construction management software market? I am considering a bunch of options, with one being https://www.procore.com/en-au/project-management/rfis , but not sure which one is the best.