How to clean Granite Floors the newly installed and maintenance

Marble and granite is a type of flooring material which is quite luxurious. Many people want to have this floor in their home.The price is much more expensive than regular ceramic tile floors, although currently, many ceramics made to resemble both types of natural stone.

Because the prices are expensive, lest you make a mistake in the treatment. Learn how to care for granite and marble floors keep the floor in your House keep awake beautiful like a new home.
The beauty of the motif from the granite floor makes many people interested to install this floor at home. Granite floor prices also tend to be expensive compared to ordinary tile floors.

Tips to maintenance Home Roof to Stay Awake

The roof of the house is one of the most important structural components in the building.
the roof is an important part of a house. The roof protects the occupants from scorching heat and rainwater. Therefore, it is important to maintain the roof to always be durable and can protect the inhabitants. Weather and age factors often become one of the causes of the roof of the house becomes quickly damaged.

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The world's best knife from steel material

The best knife from steel material - The most commonly used knife material for making knives is iron and carbon that are enhanced with various elements such as chromium, vanadium, manganese, and more. Various types of steel are made by adjusting the amount of each ingredient added. Stainless steel, for example, created by adding even more rust resistant material.

Finishing process plays a big role in creating steel blades.

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Planning a Good Roof in The World of Construction

The roof frame support is one of the most important elements of roof structure using either wood, bamboo, batten, rafters or mild steel. Its main function is to support the heavy weight of the frame at the top like roof cover and wind/rain load.

The roof is part of a building (House) which is located at the top, so for planning, this roof must be planned and must get special attention from the planner (architect).

It could also be said that the roof is the crown of a building. The roof is part of a building structure that serves as a cover/protector from the hot sun and rain so as to provide comfort for the users of the building.


QUALITY STEEL AS A MATERIAL BUILDING IN WORLD CONSTRUCTION - Structure planning criteria is a qualified strength, stiffness, and ductility. The power associated with the magnitude of the voltage that is able to endure without damage, either in the form of large deformation (yielding) or fracture (separate).

The parameters are the melting stresses and ultimate. Stiffness factor is the magnitude of force to produce one deformation unit, its parameter is Modulus Elasticity.

Ductility factors are associated with the magnitude of deformation before failure occurs, an important factor for structural planning with unforeseen or unpredictable (earthquake or wind).
some kinds of construction materials can be seen in table 1 and image 1.

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Fabrication of erection on steel construction

Steel construction on the current building is very widely used and demanded. Because steel has several advantages, among others in terms of power, speed, more competitive pricing and ease of installation.

Fabrication of steel construction to be installed is usually done in workshop or onsite (project site).

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The fabrication and installation process of steel construction is carried out as follows:

  • steel material is prepared. 

Steel materials are prepared according to the type, specification and size to be used. Parts of columns and rafter horses use WF steel, using CNP, UNP, elbow, and branching rod, tie rod, a connection plate, anchor, etc.

4 minimalist wooden house Design in The Narrow Land

wooden house Design in The Narrow Land - have you ever dreamed of owning a wooden house? wooden houses are often made in a land that is quite extensive and has plenty of room for 1 large families to do all activities.
wooden houses usually have the impression of luxury and expensive. In addition, wooden houses also have an interesting and unique model.

wooden houses were not always made or built on large land, but there are also built a narrow land with a nice model and layout and a great floor-plan.

4 Small wooden houses with floor plans and beautiful Models

Small wooden houses with floor plans and beautiful Models - In the past, the design of the house is still simple, the wooden house had become a trend. Over time, the human house was built in a modern style with walls made of brick. In addition, to impress more firmly in the structure, houses with brick walls also seem luxurious like a European nobleman's house.

Wooden houses provide a classic natural beauty. In addition to appearance, wood generally also affordable compared to brick-and-concrete let alone material wood is widely available.
If you want to build a wooden house, you may be confused with the various designs of the house now. For that, we will give some idea about wooden house

7 The Fact of Mild Steel in Construction

Mild steel materials are now the most popular alternative to the roof truss. In addition to durable, anti-termite also stainless. Making this material as a new prima donna to replace wood for the roof.

The standard installation of the light steel is indeed very important. This material becomes solid because the unity system is not a stand-alone material. This understanding is often forgotten by homeowners. because of the low price, they tend to buy lightweight steel bars instead of installing systems. As a result, there is no material control, applicators up to the installation of the project site.


Construction of Mild steel roof Frame made of mild steel (truss)  becomes the solution for ordinary roof frames that still use wood as the base material, due to the influence of weather and termites. Lightweight steel roof truss becomes one of the solutions.

Mild steel roof truss has been widely used because it is more efficient, so the cost of maintenance is cheaper, and has other advantages. by using light steel for the roof of your house, then the roof will be durable and free from termites.

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Comparison of Wood and Mild Steel in the world of construction

Wood and Mild Steel in the world of construction - on this occasion, we will discuss mild steel and wood materials. of course to know about wood and mild steel we must first define about wood and mild steel. Sustainable buildings are buildings that use methods and building materials that prioritize the quality of the environment, economic vitality, and social benefits through development planning, building operations.

Wood Material Definition.

Wood is used for various purposes, ranging from cooking, made a piece of furniture (tables, chairs), building materials (doors, Windows, roof frame), paper, and more. The wood can also be used as household ornaments and so on.

Differences of Mild Steel and Conventional Steel

Differences of Mild steel and conventional steel need to be known before deciding to purchase building materials that suits our needs. Steel is one of the important and indispensable building materials for building construction.

Mild steel is a type of steel that is printed with a thin and light form but still has the same function and strength with conventional steel. Currently, lightweight steel on the market has a thickness of 0.4mm-1mm.

Differences of mild steel Zincalume, Galvalume and Galvanized for construction

Differences of mild steel Zincalume, Galvalume and Galvanized for construction - The use of mild steel for the frame of the roof is currently more popular than wood by reasons of increasingly expensive wood prices and the difficulty of obtaining wood with good quality.
roof truss by using wood is also at risk of termites eaten and wood quickly consumed by fire is different with mild steel.

Here are the types of mild steel material on the market:


GALVALUME is a steel material with a coating consisting of aluminum and zinc, consisting of 55% aluminum coating element, 43.5% zinc element and 1.5% silicone element. Galvalume mild Steel Material is popularly known as ZINCALUME®, one of the trademarks of BlueScope Steel Ltd, a pioneer company of mild steel manufacturers with Zinc and Aluminum coating.

Type of Metal Material in the World of Construction

Metal comes from the Greek language, Metallon. In chemistry, metal is a chemical element that is ready to form ions (cations) and has metal bonds.

The metal is one of the three groups of elements as distinguished by ionization and bonding properties, along with metals and non-metals. In the periodic table, a diagonal line drawn from boron (B) to polonium (Po) to distinguish metals from nonmetals. The elements in this line is a metal element in the bottom left is a metal, the element to the top right is a non-metal.

Engineering Materials can be categorized into Metals and non-Metals

Engineering materials can be categorized into metals and non-metals.In the world of mechanical engineering, metals (especially iron or steel) are the most widely used materials, but other materials cannot be ignored either.

Non-metallic materials are often used because they have unique properties not possessed by metal materials.

Materials in the metal group are arranged by one or more metal elements (eg iron, aluminum, copper, titanium, gold, and nickel), and also often contain non-metallic elements (eg carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen) in relatively small amounts.

Why Use Steel Construction?

Why Use Steel Construction? - Building projects are required to use sturdy structures, such as steel and concrete construction. Of the two options, each has advantages that should be considered as well as possible. So, which one is most recommended? Currently, the use of steel as a construction material is more prioritized.

The reason is that these materials have plenty of advantages and costs of production that could rationally be minimized.

Mild steel, high-quality Steel for Construction

Mild steel is a high-quality steel that is light and thin, but its power is no less than a conventional steel.

There are several kinds of mild steel that are grouped based on the value of tensile strength. This tensile strength capability is generally based on the final function of the mild steel.

For example for structural products such as lightweight steel roof truss with high tensile stress (G550). However, for a variety of home appliances products are required mild steel with lower tensile stress (G300, G250) is more flexible and soft so it is more easily formed according to desire.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Steel Construction

Advantages and Disadvantages of Steel Construction - Steel has its own advantages that are strong. When viewed from the strength of steel tend to be stronger and durable, steel also has anti-rust, anti-termite, and also anti-porous so steel material is very popular for the construction of the skeleton. But steel also has other properties that are flexible, so that if the steel pressure on one side it will experience indentation.

the flexible nature of the steel will not make the steel crack as it does glass, but gradually the steel will come out of its shape and bend. And because of the pressure that is too high from one side would make steel construction will suffer damage.


DEFINITION AND STRENGTH OF STEEL CONSTRUCTION- The buildings are made of steel construction generally have durability and strength.Usually in making designs that use steel refers to the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) as its manufacture philosophy and basing on the limited saturation probability.
The construction design should be able to withstand overloading in the event of structural-functional changes caused by over-simplification in the structural analysis as well as variations in construction procedures.

The difference between iron and steel in construction

Difference between iron and steel in construction - There are still many people who do not know the difference between iron and steel. Whereas during this iron and steel is the metal most used by humans for various purposes such as the creation of building construction which is increasingly growing day.

Iron and steel are widely used because of their mechanical properties so suitable for building construction, vehicles, etc. And in addition to having a very strong strength of iron and steel has adequate flexibility. Steel profiles often used in construction are WF, H-Beam, UNP, etc.

6 types of steel material used in steel building construction

Steel building construction - Steel is one of the most commonly used materials for building frames, roof trusses, fences, knives, especially for blades. The quality of steel as the main material determines the quality of the building in general.

To get a good quality steel then we need to know the contents of that form of steel and the elemental functions. Steel is a mixture of an iron metal with carbon. Steel has a carbon content of 0.2-3%.

How to Save a Two-Floor House with Steel Construction

Steel has a more favorable characteristic in the construction field when compared to the concrete material. As well as in its manufacture, steel material is manufactured through the plant so the quality and size of one profile and the other can be controlled.

The Advantages Of Using Steel Construction

Steel construction is a new way of building a two-story house. Because many have advantages, so many people prefer to use steel construction to build a two-story house.


Steel material is a phenomenal building material. This is because this material is a very easily formed material and has a high resistance.

Because of its high durability, this material is often used to make structures of large buildings and famous in the world because of its splendor.
Then what steel structures are popular in the world and built using steel materials? Here's the review.