4 minimalist wooden house Design in The Narrow Land

wooden house Design in The Narrow Land - have you ever dreamed of owning a wooden house? wooden houses are often made in a land that is quite extensive and has plenty of room for 1 large families to do all activities.
wooden houses usually have the impression of luxury and expensive. In addition, wooden houses also have an interesting and unique model.

wooden houses were not always made or built on large land, but there are also built a narrow land with a nice model and layout and a great floor-plan.

following the design of a wooden house for you who have a narrow land:

  • Unique Wooden House Design
wooden houses

The design of a small wooden house does not always place a lounge in front of the house, but can be on the roof. as applied this house, using the roof as a relaxed area with friends and family, in addition to being safe can also enjoy the environment

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  • wooden house “walk”

this wooden house can be moved because it is placed on wheels so it can be taken anywhere. This house is designed using wood as its main material.
wooden houses

this house has 1 room that is used for all activities, such as gathering with friends and family as well as the kitchen area.for the bed at the place at the top

  • The Hobbit Wooden House Design

This wooden house design looks very small, but this wooden house has room in it designed to look relieved. Enough to accommodate large mattresses and two large cabinets.

wooden houses

The design of this wooden house is equipped with round windows and brown wooden walls. Not just beautiful views, this wooden house design also has advanced tech features like the anti-freeze water heating system to get hot water in the cold rainy season.

  • Wooden House Design with Open-Terraced

Have a narrow land but want to still be able to relax on the terrace? Try this wooden house design:

The design of this wooden house has a container-style design and there is a small open space as a terrace.

This minimalist wooden house design can also maximize natural lighting through many tiny windows and door glass. Although its shape resembled a container-style house, the overall design of the House is impressed relieved because it has elevated ceilings and elongated shape to the rear.
wooden house Design in The Narrow Land

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