6 types of steel material used in steel building construction

Steel building construction - Steel is one of the most commonly used materials for building frames, roof trusses, fences, knives, especially for blades. The quality of steel as the main material determines the quality of the building in general.

To get a good quality steel then we need to know the contents of that form of steel and the elemental functions. Steel is a mixture of an iron metal with carbon. Steel has a carbon content of 0.2-3%.

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Here are some examples of steel panels that are often used for building construction:

CNP Steel (Lipped Channel)

CNP steel is usually used  for beam roof coverings or purlin used also for the girts i.e. elements which are used to grip the wall coverings like sheet metal,
In addition, CNP steel is also commonly used for members of the truss, and the framework of architectural components. Other names of CNP steel are channel C, purlin beam, c - channel, profile C.

H Steel

Steel H beam is commonly used for columns, beams, piles, top and bottom chord members on the truss, composite beam or column, cantilever canopy, and others. Other names of Steel H beam are IWF, WF, H beam UC, UB, beam I, W beam, H beam

Black Plate Steel

This black plate steel used to manufacture plate bilge, tank manufacturer, and also the manufacture of the other.
steel building construction

Iron Elbow

Iron elbow has two types, namely the usual elbow iron and also iron elbow hole. The commonly used elbow iron is an equilateral arm, with a size ranging from 50 mm to 250 mm.

Steel Pipe

Steel pipe is commonly used for either vertical or horizontal bracing, secondary beam is used on the roof, architectural columns, architectural component support is usually used for exposed because it has artistic value with cylinder shape. Another name for steel pie is steel tube

Steel T - Beam (Hot Rolled)

steel building construction, STEEL CONSTRUCTION, steel house, steel materials, STEEL STRUCTURE

T Beam used in a construction. T beam used is a structure load – bearing – a metal which has the form of a cross-section of T. At the top of this section T serves as a flange to resist the compressive stress. While on the web of the beam on the flange against the drop voltage and function to provide the separator pressure of the power curve. T steel beam is widely used for cantilever beam or beams, floor canopy. T steel beam is commonly referred to as a block of T.
Steel building construction

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