Engineering Materials can be categorized into Metals and non-Metals

Engineering materials can be categorized into metals and non-metals.In the world of mechanical engineering, metals (especially iron or steel) are the most widely used materials, but other materials cannot be ignored either.

Non-metallic materials are often used because they have unique properties not possessed by metal materials.

Materials in the metal group are arranged by one or more metal elements (eg iron, aluminum, copper, titanium, gold, and nickel), and also often contain non-metallic elements (eg carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen) in relatively small amounts.

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Metal is a material that is often used in a variety of field applications. In the development towards industrial estate, the use of metal is necessary.

Metal is a chemical element that has strong properties, clay, hard, electric and a heat conductor, and has a high melting point. Metal is also a material that can be forged, shiny, magnetic, and can be mixed homogeneously at various levels.

The metal is divided into two pure metals comprising only one atomic type, such as pure iron, pure copper and metal alloys comprising two or more types of atoms and is a mixture of two kinds of metals or more that are mixed with each other in a liquid state.

metals, non-metals, steel materials, STEEL CONSTRUCTION

The pure metal is a metal that has properties:

99.9% purity level
low tensile strength
high melting point
good electrical conductivity
resistance to good rust

An example of the pure metal is gold, lead, zinc, and aluminum. Usually, can use pure aluminum, while the power cord uses pure copper.

Metal alloy is often used as a substitute for pure metal because in alloy metal has properties that can provide advantages and ease as a manufacturing material such as hardness in metal alloy can be increased from the hardness of the metal origin, tensile strength can be enlarged, power expansion may be deducted, the melting point can be lowered or raised than the original metals.

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