Fabrication of erection on steel construction

Steel construction on the current building is very widely used and demanded. Because steel has several advantages, among others in terms of power, speed, more competitive pricing and ease of installation.

Fabrication of steel construction to be installed is usually done in workshop or onsite (project site).

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The fabrication and installation process of steel construction is carried out as follows:

  • steel material is prepared. 

Steel materials are prepared according to the type, specification and size to be used. Parts of columns and rafter horses use WF steel, using CNP, UNP, elbow, and branching rod, tie rod, a connection plate, anchor, etc.

The quality of the steel used must be in accordance with world standards and has passed the endurance test, the required melting test and strength.

  • Preparation of the plate

The plate used as nodes, connections, stiffener. The size of the plate and thickness as well as pin-point bolt adjusts the image work.

 steel building

The size of the plate and the bolt hole must be precision by using the mall/ruler so that the plate pieces are more accurate.

 steel building

Cutting :
Steel plates are cut using cutting machines, The size of large WF steel should use a cutting machine sitting with plate diameter up to 20 'or laser cutting.

  • Prepare the rafter, column

The size of the WF in the market is usually different from the length of the stretch or the height of the column on the steel construction to be installed later.

Then there is the steel should be cut so that it corresponds to the size of the working drawing. Parts to be cut is measured by the mal\/anchor accurately and precision so as not to encounter errors after the cut. If an error occurs results in a considerable cost disadvantage.

  • Setting

Which must be observed when mounting and setting
1. There should be no tilt\/angle, length exceeding or less
2. Mounting plate, beams are not inclined

  • Welding

Welding steel using electric welding transformer with wire diameter 3.2mm and 4.0mm

Specifications electrical transformer welding :
Voltage 380 3-phase
electrical power 2000 – 12000 Hz
input Current 26 A
Current output 40-400 A
socket Size 50 mm
Duty cycle 60%

Welding method:
Clean the parts to be welded from dirt or dust. .The weld is adjusted to the construction load. After welding clean the rest of the weld and smoothed

  • Erection

the process of the appointment section steel frame as rafters, columns that are already connected and gives a chance, was to be mounted in the top of the construction to be fitted with other parts  (column-rafter-horses, branching, tie rod etc.).

 steel building

The process of lifting steel construction:

For steel loads of more than 1 ton and a height of more than 10 meters, the construction of Steel should preferably use heavy lifting equipment such as hoist, crane/mobile crane, as it is safer and easier.

Load below 1 ton with a height of the column is 6m, can use lifting equipment such as chain block, hoist which has lifted from 5 ton. steel construction

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