How to clean Granite Floors the newly installed and maintenance

Marble and granite is a type of flooring material which is quite luxurious. Many people want to have this floor in their home.The price is much more expensive than regular ceramic tile floors, although currently, many ceramics made to resemble both types of natural stone.

Because the prices are expensive, lest you make a mistake in the treatment. Learn how to care for granite and marble floors keep the floor in your House keep awake beautiful like a new home.
The beauty of the motif from the granite floor makes many people interested to install this floor at home. Granite floor prices also tend to be expensive compared to ordinary tile floors.

Granite Floors, building maintenance, BUILDING MATERIALS, maintenance

how to care for granite floor to always shiny every day?

How To Clean Granite Floors

  • Clean every day

To prevent granite floor colors from becoming dull and looking dirty, you should clean the granite floor every day. How to clean the granite floor daily you can do like mopping the floor every day. If necessary use a granite floor cleaning and special liquids to clean the granite floor.
  • Use a tool that cannot scratch the floor

If you usually clean the stains on the tile floor with all kinds of equipment available, you can not just use any kind of tool to clean the granite floor.

Granite Floors, building maintenance, BUILDING MATERIALS, maintenance

Avoid tools that can cause abrasion on the floor, such as abrasive sponges or rough towels. Use a tissue or a soft cloth to clean the granite floor.

To protect the granite floors from scratches, make sure you don't put the rough and sharp furniture on the floor. Because granite floors, which scraped only be polished with special ingredients to remove any scratches. In addition, avoid the use of vacuum cleaner on the granite floor because the wheel of this vacuum cleaner machine can scratch the floor surface.

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