How to Save a Two-Floor House with Steel Construction

Steel has a more favorable characteristic in the construction field when compared to the concrete material. As well as in its manufacture, steel material is manufactured through the plant so the quality and size of one profile and the other can be controlled.

The Advantages Of Using Steel Construction

Steel construction is a new way of building a two-story house. Because many have advantages, so many people prefer to use steel construction to build a two-story house.

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here are some advantages of steel construction to build a two-story building

  • Speed

An efficient way of building a two-story house with steel construction, in terms of its work processes, steel construction is faster and more effective and more practical when compared to cast concrete that requires a relatively longer printing and drying process.

  • Power

For the strength of steel construction strength is already no doubt if compared to the strength of concrete construction. However, if calculated carefully and also in accordance with the rules of the applicable standards, then the strength of steel construction is equal to the strength of the concrete construction.

  • Investment Value Of Buildings

Using steel construction for your home building is very profitable for you.If the building is demolished after 20 years, then it will still have a high selling value when compared with the construction of cast concrete
Save Costs

Using steel construction also saves costs and is more efficient when compared to concrete cast construction. If the concrete construction using a board to build a concrete pile, then in steel construction, the board is not used

Types of Steel Profiles Often Used in the world

Here are some examples of frequently used steel panel in the world for building construction:

  • Baja Wide Flange (IWF)

This wide flange steel can be used for columns, piles, tops, and also bottom chord member that exist in the truss, column or composite beam, canopy, cantilever, and others.

  • Steel U Channel (UNP)

For U-channel steel use the same as the use of steel wide flange, except the use of the column.

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