Mild steel, high-quality Steel for Construction

Mild steel is a high-quality steel that is light and thin, but its power is no less than a conventional steel.

There are several kinds of mild steel that are grouped based on the value of tensile strength. This tensile strength capability is generally based on the final function of the mild steel.

For example for structural products such as lightweight steel roof truss with high tensile stress (G550). However, for a variety of home appliances products are required mild steel with lower tensile stress (G300, G250) is more flexible and soft so it is more easily formed according to desire.

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mild steel raw materials are high-quality steel with high tensile strength standard 550 Mpa (5500 kg\/cm2). This strength is the basic element for the tensile strength of mild steel at the moment.

With a minimum strength of G550, the mild steel has a minimum melting strength of 550 MPa. Proved in laboratory tests should not break when drawn with a power of 500 MPa. In addition, the steel also has a sliding modulus of 80,000 Mpa and its elastic modulus is 200,000 Mpa.

Although lighter and thinner than conventional steel, with a tensile strength of 550 Mpa mild steel can be a mainstay to support the burden of building structures. For non-structural functions such as roof cover used mild steel quality G300.

mild steel

What about the mild steel thickness? Its thickness ranges from 0.20 - 2.00 mm. This thickness variation is determined by the function, how much the load is supported and the size of the steel span itself.

Mild steel horses have a thickness of between 0.45 – 1.00 mm. In contrast to columns that will support larger loads, the thickness ranges from 1.00 - 2.00 mm (profile C).

To protect the high-quality steel material from corrosion, the adequate coating should be provided. A variety of methods to provide a protective coating to prevent corrosion of high-quality steel have been developed.

Types of coating on mild steel frame circulating in the market is Galvanized, Galvalume, or often also referred to as zincalume.
Mild steel, high-quality Steel for Construction

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