Planning a Good Roof in The World of Construction

The roof frame support is one of the most important elements of roof structure using either wood, bamboo, batten, rafters or mild steel. Its main function is to support the heavy weight of the frame at the top like roof cover and wind/rain load.

The roof is part of a building (House) which is located at the top, so for planning, this roof must be planned and must get special attention from the planner (architect).

It could also be said that the roof is the crown of a building. The roof is part of a building structure that serves as a cover/protector from the hot sun and rain so as to provide comfort for the users of the building.

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Construction of roof support is a rod framework that serves to support the roof load, including its own weight and at the same time can give shape to the roof.

Roofing Components

Three roof composite components:

A. Roof structure (roof truss and roof frame support)
B. Roof cover (roof tiles, polycarbonate)
 C. Completed roof (horizontal / vertical gutters and lisplang)

The roof structure is the part of the building that holds/transmit loads from the roof. The roof structure is divided into roof truss and roof truss support. Roof framework serves to withstand the load from roofing material so that generally the form of beams (of wood/ bamboo/steel) vertically and horizontally except on the roof structure is not concrete.

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Good Roof Design According to Climate

The roof can be said good quality if the structure is strong/sturdy and durable. Climate factor becomes an important consideration in designing the shape and construction of the building roof. Referring to the climatic conditions, the design of a good roof is determined 3 factors, namely the type of material, shape/size, and workmanship techniques.

Strong roofs should be able to withstand the amount of load that works on the roof structure elements.

There are 3 types of loads that work on the roof that is

heavy load (material order, Struts framework, and the roofing),
wind pressure and wind suction,
3. other moving loads (weight of humans when installation and maintenance).


The roof is the crown of the building. The roof serves as part of the beauty and protective building of the heat and rain. The slope of the tile is at least 35 - 65 degrees, and for the roof using zinc or aluminum the slope is 18 - 20 degrees.

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