QUALITY STEEL AS A MATERIAL BUILDING IN WORLD CONSTRUCTION - Structure planning criteria is a qualified strength, stiffness, and ductility. The power associated with the magnitude of the voltage that is able to endure without damage, either in the form of large deformation (yielding) or fracture (separate).

The parameters are the melting stresses and ultimate. Stiffness factor is the magnitude of force to produce one deformation unit, its parameter is Modulus Elasticity.

Ductility factors are associated with the magnitude of deformation before failure occurs, an important factor for structural planning with unforeseen or unpredictable (earthquake or wind).
some kinds of construction materials can be seen in table 1 and image 1.

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if the parameters of strength, stiffness, and ductility are used for the selection of construction materials it can easily be determined that the steel material is superior to the concrete and wood.
The strong ratio of weight to the same volume of steel is higher (efficient) than concrete. This indicates if the planning is optimal then the building with steel construction will certainly produce a lighter foundation system than concrete construction, although still less than wood or bamboo.
efficiency between steel materials with wood or bamboo, then steel just superior quality because the quality of the material is more homogenous and consistent so it is more reliable.

Lightweight buildings in addition to saving the foundation, are also advantageous for earthquake resistant building planning. As it is known that the earthquake force in the building is determined by the acceleration of the soil (a) and also the mass of the building (m), of which the magnitude is proportional, i.e. F m. a. So the building with a small mass then the style of an earthquake is also small.

Although steel has an advantage over earthquakes due to its mild nature, the condition is not favorable to wind loading. But because of the strength of steel that has high strength and ducktail, also supported by a good planning process then the weakness of the wind should be easily overcome.


Steel Material

The advantages of steel material compared to concrete or wood material is because of the factory, which of course has good quality control. It is therefore understandable that the quality of the resulting steel material is relatively homogeneous and consistent compared to other materials, which also means more reliable quality.



Steel superior in terms of their ability to accept the load, but when left without special care in an open environment, looks weak. The main elements of steel iron undergo corrosion, an electrochemical process which is a. If that happens, then at the iron acts as an anode oxidation damage will occur and produce iron rust Fe2O3. nH2O, solid sorrel.Steel Material

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