The world's best knife from steel material

The best knife from steel material - The most commonly used knife material for making knives is iron and carbon that are enhanced with various elements such as chromium, vanadium, manganese, and more. Various types of steel are made by adjusting the amount of each ingredient added. Stainless steel, for example, created by adding even more rust resistant material.

Finishing process plays a big role in creating steel blades.

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This is a stainless steel made in America that was originally developed to make turbine blades in a jet engine. It is very similar to the ATS-34. It is highly corrosion resistant and has good toughness and quality.


This is a stainless steel that comes from Japan and is very similar to 154CM made in America. It became very popular with knife makers in 1990 as a more qualified alternative of 440C.


It has better capabilities than the 44C and ATS-34 and is tougher than the ATS-34.


This is a stainless steel used on factory knives.  This material is very solid and very resistant to rust.


This material is a very high carbon steel (1.5%) that has exceptional ability and unmatched resistance but has no toughness. D2 is not corrosion resistant such as 440C or ATS-34, and are not considered as stainless steel because it has only 12% of chromium. The stainless blade must have a rate of over 13%.


is a very hard steel. This steel is mainly used for industrial cutting tools.  These steels have tremendous strength and are very durable, but are very susceptible to corrosion.


This is a premium grade steel designed in the United States for knife-making. It has the very good capability and is highly corrosion resistant.
The best knife from steel material

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