Why Use Steel Construction?

Why Use Steel Construction? - Building projects are required to use sturdy structures, such as steel and concrete construction. Of the two options, each has advantages that should be considered as well as possible. So, which one is most recommended? Currently, the use of steel as a construction material is more prioritized.

The reason is that these materials have plenty of advantages and costs of production that could rationally be minimized.

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Comparison of Concrete and Steel

it would be nice if we first compare the advantages of concrete and steel construction. Later on, you will take your own conclusions in order to maximize the development project to run. Here is a comparison of the two types of construction materials.


This material is indeed proven to be resistant to hot temperatures and combustion risks. It also resists rust and can be placed in small cavities when poured in the manufacturing process.

The use of concrete can also be used to coat the old concrete that is cracked or missing thus leading to the pass. Its sturdy and strong structure can support heavy pressure and can be molded according to the desired design or shape.

however, the concrete material tends to crack easily because it cannot withstand tensile forces. If you want to anticipate these risks, then in the manufacturing process must use a steel frame.
Although the lining is hard, concrete always has the possibility of shrinking or expanding due to extreme temperatures.


Many have acknowledged that more reliable steel construction and has been tested on modern buildings. Compared with the material of the concrete, steel is more flexible and light so it will accelerate the process of workmanship.

Steel construction work will be carried out carefully, starting from the selection of the principal components procedure up to the design of building structures.
the basic material used to build structures such as steel plates, trekstang, columns, beams, purlins, wind (bracing), turnbuckle, bolts, spandek roof, order the elbow, and wall coverings (cladding).
The most important point of steel construction versus concrete is its maximum leverage capability.
Steel Construction

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