Shaanxi Drum Group and Standard Group, Wuhuan Group jointly build mask productio

At present, protective supplies such as masks and protective clothing are in short supply. In order to ensure the supply of epidemic prevention materials, Xi'an SASAC organized Shaanxi Drum Group and Standard Group, Wuhuan Group to jointly build 12 mask production lines, and has been put into production.

An outbreak is an order, prevention and control is responsibility. According to the shortage of masks and other epidemic prevention materials, Xi'an SASAC first time research to understand the situation, the organization of the five-ring group, Shaanxi Drum Group, standard group and other municipal enterprises to play their own advantages, procurement and construction of one-time medical masks, N95 mask production line 12. The project by the standard group package, Shaanxi Drum Group is responsible for high-clean production site construction, for Xi'an Wuhuan Nonwoven Materials Co., Ltd. to build a medical surgical mask production line. As Xi'an City to ensure the supply of anti-epidemic materials, gather edimen to win the epidemic prevention and control of the key projects, the provincial government Deputy Secretary-General Lan Jianwen, the secretary-general of the municipal government Chen Changchun and other leaders at all levels attach great importance to the construction of the project. Xi'an SASAC Party Secretary and Director Liu Sanmin has visited the project site to inspect and guide many times, speed up the progress of the project and production progress. Chairman Li Hong'an went to the production line during the outbreak to pay tribute to the company's employees who fought day and night.

As the project general contractor, standard group actively play its own in the efficient, high-yield intelligent sewing equipment, relying on its own resources in the field of sewing machinery upstream and downstream industrial chain integration capacity, in the shortest possible time will be intelligent, automated solutions and five-ring group mask production tasks and quality requirements of organic integration, to achieve the mask production line system design and tailor-made, with professional ability for the five-ring mask factory to provide the overall system solution.

. In the face of mission and responsibility, Shaanxi drum project team firm confidence, we work together, overtime, with more than 20 days to fully complete the purification mask production line, laboratory, laboratory and office, such as a total of more than 1200 square meters of building renovation and decoration, for the mask production line early production to win valuable time.

The construction of 12 mask production lines after full production can nissan disposable medical, N95 mask1.2 million, will vigorously alleviate the shortage of protective supplies during the epidemic, for Shaanxi Province and Xi'an City to completely win the outbreak of the fight against prevention and control to build a strong material protection.

This epidemic resistance war is both a battle and a protracted battle, although the Shaanxi Drum people can not be like medical personnel in the front line, but we will always fight with the spirit of the strugglers in any place where we need, go all out to contribute to the fight against the epidemic.

发布日期:2020-02-03 15:16:47