Co-ordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic and resume production.

At present, the resumption of production around the press "fast-forward key", the orderly flow of people and property, production and marketing organic convergence, the state of effective internal and external trade is "rebooting", China's development of endogenous power is constantly released. The land of Shenzhou, the spring is full of vitality.

This situation is a vivid representation of the continuous improvement of the situation of epidemic prevention and control in the whole country, and the accelerated recovery of the order of production and life. However, to soberly see that the situation of the epidemic at home and abroad is still complex and severe, it is a great challenge to coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic and resume production. Here, the epidemic prevention and control to do a bit of fine, is a positive and orderly promotion of the resumption of work and production of the preconditions.

The new crown virus has the characteristics of high infectious and difficult prevention and control. Now, Hubei and Wuhan medical treatment, community prevention and control and follow-up tasks are still arduous and heavy, other areas of the increase in the movement of people and gathering brought about by the risk of the outbreak rebound still exists, especially the rapid spread of the international epidemic brought about by the importrisk increased significantly. At this time, we must fully scientifically study the changes in the epidemic at home and abroad, fully understand the complex gravity of the situation of the epidemic, must not be taken lightly. To the outbreak at all times to maintain such as thin ice caution, see the leaf know autumn's keenness, do not relax to grasp the detailed prevention and control work, so that the end of caution, strict prevention, to overcome paralysis thought, war-weary emotions, lucky psychology, relaxed mentality, must not let the hard-won epidemic prevention and control continued to the good situation reversal.

Co-ordinate the epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production, the key is to "co-ordinate" efforts, in the "precision" on the article. We should speed up the establishment of an economic and social operation order appropriate to the prevention and control of the epidemic, implement the prevention and control strategy of "external defense input, internal defense rebound", further improve the measures and mechanisms combined with emergency and normal prevention and control, do a good job in the precise prevention and control of the domestic epidemic, grasp and carefully prevent cross-border import and export measures, and actively and orderly promote the resumption of production at the same time in scientific precision prevention and control. We should consolidate the important achievements of the epidemic prevention and control phase in Wuhan and Hubei provinces, maximize the cure rate, reduce the rate of death, and strengthen the follow-up and health management of cured patients. The public health team sinks the community to identify the sources of new confirmed, suspected and asymptomatic infections, and to do a good job in medical management to identify key points, weaknesses and hidden dangers for prevention and control. All regions should implement the prevention and control measures to prevent the rebound of the epidemic, give full play to the medical institutions fever outpatient pre-screening triage, unexplained pneumonia monitoring report "two networks" role, sum up and promote the effective prevention and control experience in the resumption of work, do a good job of health monitoring and inspection, once the case is found, immediately to the people and places that may spread the implementation of precise control, and effectively achieve early detection, early reporting, early isolation, early treatment. We should insist on seeking truth from facts, publish information in a timely, open and transparent manner, and never allow underreporting to be missed. Enterprises and institutions should do a good job in accordance with local prevention and control requirements for health monitoring, staff protection, workplace ventilation, cleaning and disinfection and other work. We should resolutely implement measures for foreign defense and import, improve data sharing, information communication and verification mechanisms for immigration personnel, air transport, port quarantine, destination delivery, community prevention and control to seamlessly link up and form a closed loop. "Details determine success or failure", play the piano, prevent this loss, force formalism, bureaucracy, we can be with the scientific precision of epidemic prevention and control, to ensure that the resumption of production in an orderly and efficient manner.

Under the premise of ensuring that the epidemic prevention and control is in place, actively and orderly promote the resumption of work and production, resume production and living order, related to the overall victory of the epidemic prevention and control of the people's war, the overall war, the resistance war, related to the realization of the decisive victory to build a well-off society, the goal of fighting against poverty, but also related to China's opening up and the stability of the world economy. We should hone the responsibility to bear the courage, scientific prevention and control wisdom, the overall consideration of the plan, the ability of organization and implementation, in the overall promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development in the creation of good results.

发布日期:2020-04-01 15:17:16