The technology R & D center consists of product development room, process and tooling room, testing laboratory, mold center and information archive room. It is equipped with hundreds of sets of various R & D, processing, testing and testing equipment, which can be used for product assembly, grip strength, destructive load, vibration, resistance, temperature rise, thermal cycle, zinc layer test and material composition analysis The R & D management system has developed from single CAD, Pro / E, CAXA and other design software to PDM product lifecycle management system. The company continuously strengthens the modernization of equipment and improves the automation level of the equipment. It is equipped with more than 6000 sets of cutting-edge equipment, such as domestic leading high and low-pressure casting machine, intermediate frequency aluminum furnace 1000t forging friction press, CNC flame cutting machine, 1250t profile extrusion machine, medium frequency vacuum heat treatment equipment, CNC lathe (milling) machine, CNC machining center, automatic three-dimensional warehouse and other cutting-edge equipment (sets) )To ensure the high quality of products.